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.•°¤*(¯`★´¯)conec`s cosmetics review thread(¯´★`¯)*¤°•.
conec - 11 June 2014

if you are looking for a cheap, extra goode primer, look no further~!

what organizations are worth joining?
Crow - 08 June 2014

Clown Fucka Boyz : Applications are now closed for the season.

Lets all join organizations now lol
Crow - 08 June 2014

Stop hiding behind really good and excellent music threads and Some badas but sarcastic flamewars

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300: The Malice of Hollywood
Lykourgos - 05 June 2014

“who will praise a father, except unhappy sons?”

23 Issues Overdue
swampman - 02 May 2014

The Baffler Issue #24 is not a catalyst for immediate and violent global revolution and must itself be destroyed.

The Baffler Editorial Board
palafox - 01 May 2014

They take pleasure in the Rhizzone.

Regenerative Agriculture
tsinava - 16 February 2014

the way we farm our food now is largely inefficient and mindbogglingly wasteful and stupid