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Regenerative Agriculture
tsinava - 16 February 2014

the way we farm our food now is largely inefficient and mindbogglingly wasteful and stupid Presents 5 different kinds of fire that you didn't know as much about as you thought
Keven - 02 February 2014

Educate yourself about the kinds of fire.

the daily show & south park
tehblackw0lf - 11 January 2014

*moans, rolls over, pulling covers over head, chasing sleep like dogs chase squirrels*

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on proust
ilmdge - 11 January 2014

What say you, my misshapen virgin creatures?? Will you analyze Proust's art with me??

Post-Soviet Anxiety: Man of Steel and Doctor Who

man of steel: wait, its not about stalin???

prohairesis - 18 June 2013

biotronic vat-grown amazonian S&D mechadroidonic fasciofuturism

Fucker - 07 April 2013

Television is the air you breathe and with it come the ads.